1. Had an Motor Vehicle Accident?
2. Not at Fault
3. Need a Replacement Car?

We can provide you with a car similar to your own.
We will manage your Car Rental Claim by charging the AT FAULT driver

We can assist you when you are:
NOT AT FAULT in a motor vehicle accident and you need a replacement vehicle
NOT MY FAULT and your vehicle is damaged and needing repairs
NO FAULT MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT and you cannot manage without a vehicle

Accident Replacement Vehicles

What is Demurrage?

If you are not at fault in a motor vehicle accident, you are legally entitled to recover reasonable costs incurred from the party at fault or their Insurer.

Basically to recover your car rental costs from the party at fault or their insurer is referred to as Demurrage or a Demurrage Claim. Demurrage is originally a shipping term and the car rental industry in the UK initially adapted this to assist in recovery of car rental costs for the victims of motor vehicle accidents.


Your car rental is technically not free. Motor Vehicle Claims and Recovery Service MVACARS P/L is a Commercial Agent who will act for you to, to obtain the rental costs from the at fault parties Insurer to pay your rental costs

How do I get a replacement vehicle?

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1.Download or complete our online claim form
2.Supply other necessary supporting documents – drivers licence and damaged vehicle registration.
3.Allow us to assess the claim.

Once the claim is approved we’ll contact you to arrange a date or time to provide the vehicle.

This process can happen in minutes if you supply all the information.

Not at fault Claim Process

You will need:

1.Party at fault is insured. (Comprehensive or third party property cover)
2.Party at fault has lodged a claim. Their Claim Number.
3.Party at fault’s insurer accepts liability for the incident

Demurrage Claim Form and Supporting Documents to us

1.Copy of your Driver’s License
2.Copy of your RTA Certificate of Registration (for your damaged vehicle)

Replacement Vehicle

You are entitled to a vehicle of similar standard to your damaged vehicle, however this is not always possible. Further you are obliged to mitigate your costs, and this will help in the successful recovery of your rental costs.

The rental companies we deal with will supply a vehicle on credit to you and await payment from us once rental costs have been recovered.

The vehicle supplied will be from an independent rental company and normal rental conditions apply. A credit card is usually required for most rental companies

Claimable Rental Period

We will calculate how many rental days by the hours allowed by the Insurance Assessor.

If your vehicle is declared a total loss, 14 days OR when you receive the settlement cheque.

In every circumstance each claim is assessed on its individual merits and we will contact you to advise the claimable rental period.

The dates we supply to you may change if the panel beater is faced with part delays or finds additional damage to your vehicle.

Claim to Insurance Company

Upon completion of repairs to your vehicle or return of the rental vehicle we will submit your claim to the party at fault’s insurance company. Upon payment of the rental vehicle costs the rental company will be paid and our file closed.