Terms and Conditions

Driver’s Licence – You must have a current Australian or International driver’s licence. Overseas licence must be written in English.

Age – Drivers must be 21 years of age.

Deposit – Credit Card required for deposit. The amount will be agreed at the time of booking.

Fuel – All fuel is at the hire’s expense and is not included in the rates. We charge $2.50 per litre to replace fuel if the vehicle is returned without a full tank – Plus a filling fee $10

Parking – All traffic fines and parking infringements are at the hirer’s expense. $20.00 Administration fee applies on top of parking infringements

Minimum Rental – The minimum rental period of the hire is one day. (24 hrs)

24 Hour Clock – The daily rate is charged at 24 hour intervals. A vehicle will be charged at the full day’s rate one hour into the new day.

Payment – This should be made by cash or credit card; cheques are not accepted unless otherwise agreed upon.

Pick-up and return of vehicle – Vehicle must be returned to point of hire. Pick-up and delivery can be arranged subject to prior arrangements being made.

Insurance Excess – Is payable upon any damaged caused to the hire vehicle regardless of liability.

Collision Damage Waiver – Option to reduce excess. Only available for drivers 21 years and over. Porsche Boxster is 25 years.

Kilometres – 200km free per day, 0.15c thereafter or .30c for Luxury Cars

Delivery – Available upon request